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High Fidelity | Book Analysis (Analys)

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Utbildning Samhällsvetenskapsprogrammet (före 2011) Årskurs 1 Ämne Engelska A Betyg MVG Antal sidor 2 Antal ord 1081 Filformat PDF
High Fidelity | Book Analysis (Analys)

High Fidelity | Book Analysis (Analys)

En analys (analysis) på engelska av Nick Hornbys bok "High Fidelity". Eleven presenterar huvudkaraktärerna och beskriver sedan kortfattat bokens handling, budskap, komposition/stil och atmosfär.

- What the story is about
- Message
- Main character
- Composition and style
- What critical and situation and/or turning points are there?
- Is the story plausible? Why? Why not?
- Is there any action or opinion in the book that you don’t agree with? Why?
- What in the book made the strongest impression on you? Why?
- Is the style formal or informal? Modern or old-fashioned?

"What the story is about:

It's one of those books where not much seems to happen, but at the same time a lot happens. This story is about a man's mixed up life as he runs a record shop and deals with conflicting emotions about why many of his girlfriend’s seem to have dumped him. It's a good look into the human psyche and has a lot of those moments where you think "Oh yeah - that's exactly how it is" but you've never put it into the right words or even thought about doing so."... [läs mer nu]

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4 4 4 4 4 4 , 21-03-2014

-Den var bra men jag saknade lite fler djupare tankar.
-Det saknades lite sidhänvisningar från boken som kan hjälpa läsaren att kolla lite i boken och förstå vad skrivaren menar.

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