American History | The First Americans

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Fördjupningsuppgift: American History | The First Americans

En fördjupningsuppgift på engelska som redogör för USA:s tidiga historia och de "första amerikanarna". Eleven tar utgångspunkt i mötet mellan indianerna ("the Native Americans") och nybyggarna från Europa, och beskriver sedan utveckling genom de engelska kolonisterna, puritanerna, deisterna, formandet av en kongress, USA:s självständighetsdeklaration (Declaration of Independence) samt det amerikanska frihetskriget ("the War of Independence"). Notera att källor saknas.


"French and English settlers were first welcomed in the early 17th century by the northern natives. It did not take long though before conflicts arose. They had a lack of respect to the Native Americans hunting ground and the English settled in Virginia (appropriate farming land) as it were their God-given right. The Shawnee chief, Tecumseh, clearly expressed their attitude toward what was happening and urged the tribes to unite. (p. 281)

Due to lack of Native American documentation regarding the first contact between the two cultures, research has been forced to rely on the one-sided reports and journals of European colonists. One particular story in John Smith's A General History is very well known and it tells the story about when the chief of Pamunkey tribe, Powhatan, came into conflict with Smith and it was Powhatans daughter, 11-year-old princess Pocahontas that saved his life by putting her hand on Smith's head when he was about to be killed. "... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

American History | The First Americans

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