The Yellow Wallpaper | Q&A (Frågor och svar)

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Analys: The Yellow Wallpaper | Q&A (Frågor och svar)

En kortare analys på engelska av Charlotte Perkins Gilmans novell "The Yellow Wallpaper". Eleven besvarar ett antal frågor kring novellens konflikter, vändpunkter, slut, karaktärer, miljö och berättarperspektiv (se alla frågor under "Innehåll"). Vidare så redogör eleven även för hur berättarens humör förändras genom berättelsens gång.


- Are there any obvious conflicts in the story? In what way are they important?
- Find a turning point in the story and discuss its significance to the plot.
- Is the ending logical? Explain why.
- Find at least two contrasting characters (protagonist and antagonist). Is there a conflict between them or is the contrast displayed in other ways?
- In what way is the setting significant? Does it display contrasts, emotions, symbols etc.?
- From what perspective is the story told?
- Is the narrator distant or close?
- Identify a dynamic character that changes throughout the story. In what way is this change important?
- Is the narrator reliable? Why/why not?


"Find a turning point in the story and discuss its significance to the plot:

The turning point in “The Yellow Wallpaper” happens after moving to the new house. One of the rooms has yellow wallpaper, and it's starting to bother the woman, which is also a key turning point in this woman's life. The narrator completely identifies herself with the woman imprisoned in the wallpaper. She strips off all the wallpaper in her room. She imagines a woman trapped within the paper, and this is driving her mad. She continues to strip off the wallpaper, convinced that she has achieved liberation at last.."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Yellow Wallpaper | Q&A (Frågor och svar)

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