Winter's Bone | Reading Journal (Läslogg)

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Dagbok, Sammanfattning: Winter's Bone | Reading Journal (Läslogg)

En enklare läslogg/läsdagbok (reading journal) på engelska av Daniel Woodrells bok "Winter's Bone", där eleven - kapitel för kapitel - summerar bokens innehåll (kapitel 1-22).


Ch. 1: Introduces 5 characters: Ree Dolly, Mom, Jessup, Harold, and Blond Milton (see character list for descriptions). No food for the family. Dad is on the run. Ree is in charge of the house (Mom and two little brothers).
Ch.2: Setting of the book takes place in the Ozark hills. This chapter introduces 2 more charters Mamaw, and Granddad Bromont. The two brothers are like peas in a pod. Sunny is older by 18 months. The dolly Family is huge and most are interrelated. Mom is on serious medication.
Ch.3: Officer Baskin came to the dolly house that day. He was “askin for Jessup, if he don't show up for court everyone losses the house.” Ree loves to escape from reality by calming music. Baskin is a cop “quick to draw, quicker to club. Jessup already did hard time, and is the best meth cooker around.
Ch.4: Milton's brought the family some food to eat. Boys are getting sick. No word from Jessup so far. Mom's pills... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Winter's Bone | Reading Journal (Läslogg)

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