A Time To Kill: John Grisham | Recension

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A Time To Kill: John Grisham | Recension

En kort recension (review) på engelska av John Grishams bok "A Time To Kill". Eleven sammanfattar bokens handling och centrala tema, samt för en kort diskussion kring att ta lagen i egna händer.


A time to kill is set in the southern states of America 1986, where the Ku Klux Klan still meet. The town is a mainly white and deep racism abounds. When two drunken and heartless white men rape a black ten year old girl, justice and racism escalate. Both of the rapists get arrested quickly and it doesn't take very long before the news hit the town. The girl's father Carl-Lee Hailey was devastated when he heard about what had happen to his little girl Tonya. He wasn't very convinced that justice worked the way it should in their town, therefore he took the law in his own hands by murdering the two rapists. Jake Brigance, an ambitious young lawyer decides to defend Carl-Lee and a trial begins.

In the end of the book when... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

A Time To Kill: John Grisham | Recension

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