I am Oscar Wilde | Presentation

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I am Oscar Wilde | Presentation

Ett manus till en muntlig presentation på engelska om den irländska författaren och poeten Oscar Wilde. Presentationen är skriven i förstapersons-perspektiv (I am Oscar Wilde).


- I am Oscar Wilde
- Works
- Sources


Jeepers evryone. My name is Oscar, Oscar Wilde, it´s a pleasure to meet you all. You may recognize me from some of my stunning works in the culturall world? Or maybe on of my unimaginibale Opras? Or have my name just spred around the world like an open fire?
Oh my, you haven´t heard of me? Have you lived under a rock your hole life?
Hm what a refreshing face I must say. Well then, as i said my name is Oscar Filngal O´Flahertie Wills Wilde. I was born the 16th of october, 1854, in Dublin and died 1900 in november, only 46 years old. It´s tragik isn´t it? Anyway Im son to the... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

I am Oscar Wilde | Presentation

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