American History X | Frågor och svar

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American History X | Frågor och svar

Frågor och svar på engelska om filmen "American History X", som diskuterar de olika karaktärerna och deras förhållande till varandra, samt teman och budskap.


1.Some parts of the film are showed in colour,some in black-white. Which parts are in color and in black-white? Why has the director chosen to do so, do you think?
2.Describe the relation between Derek and Danny
3.How does their mother handle her family life?
4.How does Sweeny affect Danny, what does he mean to him?
5.Describe Cameron and his relation to Derek and Danny.
6.In what way does Sweeny show consideration and respect for Derek and Danny?
7.Why does Derek choose to work with Cameron though he has a friend in Sweeny?
9.Describe Seth and Stacey.
10. What does Danny mean saying,, when people look at me they see my brother?”
11.What makes Derek change in prison? What significance has the white gang and Lamont?
12. What is the message in the film? Could it be misinterpreted?
13. What kind of influence does Derek`s father have on him?
14. How are injustice, discrimination and racism affecting the court system when convicting people?


Cameron Alexander is a hateful, old man who has set up base in his home to coordinate an Aryan crusade against all who aren`t white protestants.
He always choose young, frustrated, insecure and confused to transform them into neo-Nazi group`s leaders. When he saw Derek at TV he knew exactly that he is the perfect victim to him. When Derek meets Cameron he`s like a fly caught in the spiders web and he directly becomes a member. Alexander... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

American History X | Frågor och svar

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