Analysis | Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Analysis | Hamlet by William Shakespeare

En analys på engelska av William Shakespeares verk "Hamlet". Eleven redogör bland annat för skådespelets handling, karaktärer, miljö, komposition och tema.

Lärarens kommentar

"Well done. Your analysis is quite good, you include relevant excerpts, you discuss your findings to some extent, and you provide an understanding of the play as a whole."


- Presentation of the play
- Characters
- Setting and surroundings
- Composition
- Theme
- Tools at hand
- Conclusion


"Setting and surroundings:
The play takes place around the 16th century, and this you can observe because of the language they're using. They are using the old English language which is the old-fashioned way of writing. «Thee» and «thou» instead of «you», and «thy» and «thine» instead of «your» and «yours». An example of that is “where wilt thou lead me? Speak, I'll go no futher” and “so art thou to revenge when thou shalt hear”. We can also observe the time period if we look at the rules that they're following. There are obviously nothing that happens if you kill someone. It seems like they were free to what they pleased. Other factors that will refer back to the 16th century is the clothes they are wearing."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Analysis | Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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