Analysis | Lord of the Flies (Analys)

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Analysis | Lord of the Flies (Analys)

En längre analys (analysis) på engelska av William Goldings bok "Lord of the Flies" där fokus ligger på miljön, karaktärerna och deras personligheter, symbolism, tema och budskap.

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En bra analys som redogör för många väsentliga delar av boken. Språket är bra, nyanserat och håller hög nivå.


"Even though “Lord of the Flies” is a novel with two and a half hundred pages it is limited how many different themes it contains. There are a lot of contrasts and conflicts, but they are mostly just symbolic covers of the same main theme – namely Nature versus Nurture. It is the human impulse towards savagery opposite civilization and rules which are made to contain and minimize the wildness. Actually that is not only the main theme, it is also the plot. A group of boys is left alone in pure nature, without any civilized tools or anything but their nurture. Slowly they start to change and they submit to nature. In the end their “society” has reached the ultimate nature-level, which Charles Darwin talks about in his theory about “survival of the fittest”."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Analysis | Lord of the Flies (Analys)

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  • 2015-05-28
    Skriven av Gymnasieelev på Årskurs 2
    Hjälpte mig jättemycket! Väldigt givande analys!
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    Mycket bra uppsats, bra engelska med varierande ord
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    lord of flies analysus
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    Skriven av Gymnasieelev på Årskurs 3
    Välskriven med riktigt bra information!