Application for Manchester University

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  • Naturvetenskapsprogrammet (NA) Årskurs 3
  • Engelska 7
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Brev: Application for Manchester University

Ett brev där eleven skriver en ansökan/Application till Manchester University om att eleven vill upptas till en kurs i datavetenskap.
Eleven läser kursen Engelska 7 och går i årskurs 3 på det naturvetenskapliga programmet.


My name is X X and I am reaching you out in regard to the IT course offered by the Manchester University. I am highly interested in the course as recently I have taken an important decision to deepen and develop my computer skills. Currently, every individual living in the 21st century has to possess certain soft skills to be regarded competitive in the labor market. In my modest consideration, the IT course offered by the Manchester University will equip me with the range of the necessary skills and abilities, as well as assist me in becoming a leading professional with outstanding IT skills.
I am a diligent and responsible student always striving to provide a quality ...... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Application for Manchester University

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