Australian Animals | Presentation

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Australian Animals | Presentation

Ett manus till en muntlig presentation på engelska som handlar om Australienska djur (Australian animals). Bland annat tas kängurun, koalan och näbbdjur tas upp.


Leafy sea dragon
Thorny dragon


Kangaroo: When I tell you to think of an animal from Australia I assume that most of you think of an animal with big strong back legs, a great jumper and also with a pocket on its stomach where it carries its baby, yes you are right, the kangaroo. But did you really know the fact that they can't walk backwards? It's true. This big animal is the national animal of Australia, which might be why we all know it so well. There is on the other hand a few really strange typical Australian animals that I'm sure you did not all know about before. Don't worry. I'll tell you all about them.

Leafy sea dragon: For instance, the leafy sea dragon. It is a fish that is quite similar to the well-known sea horse. Why would it have all of those leaves? They don't use them as fins to become excellent swimmers as you first might think. They are made only for one specific reason, and that is camouflage. This fish is absolutely a master when it comes to hiding, since the leaves not only make it look like see weed, but also the leafy... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Australian Animals | Presentation

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