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Filmanalys : Babel | Filmanalys

En filmanalys (film analysis) på engelska av filmen "Babel" från 2006. Eleven redogör för filmens handling och huvudkaraktärer och diskuterar filmens teman och budskap.


Two brothers on the mountain, an injured American woman, a wedding in Mexico and a suicidal deaf teenage girl in Tokyo, all of these above are a short description of four interlocking stories in the film “Babel” - a masterpiece made by two Mexicans, Guillermo Arriagas – screenwriter – and Alejandro Gonzáles – director.
Many of you may or may not have heard about the story of the tower of Babel. People who spoke the same language wanted to show their pride by building a tower, so high that it could reach heaven. Because of their recklessness and arrogance God punished them by creating different languages so that they no longer will be able to speak to each other. This parable is very important to remember due to the fact that this biblical story provides a basis to the film. “Babel” has two main themes, the first one is about culture and the other is about community. It also shows the connections between these... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Babel | Filmanalys

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