Being a Young Woman | Now and Then | Discussion

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Diskussion: Being a Young Woman | Now and Then | Discussion

En diskuterande text på engelska som handlar om unga kvinnors liv idag jämfört med förr i tiden (being a young woman now and then). Texten är personligt skriven och diskuterar olika normer kring kvinnorollen som eleven tycker har förändrats med tiden. Exempel tas från bland annat litteraturen för att illustrera detta.


For many of us today, including my self, this constant controlling of every woman's life is hard to even imagine. Today, most women around the world are used to a world were they can control their own lives completely. If they wish to, they can drink, have a cigarette, work, date who the want to date and have sex (even before marriage) without an opinion or influence from anyone else. For example, if you take the life of young Briget Jones from the book "Bridget Jones's diary" and compare it to the life of young Elizabeth Bennet in "Pride and Prejudice" the two women lives under very different conditions in... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Being a Young Woman | Now and Then | Discussion

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