Letter | Homeless in London | Engelska

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Letter | Homeless in London | Engelska

Ett kortare brev skrivet av en elev på engelska, där denne tar på sig rollen som hemlös i London. Eleven har fått följande i uppgift:

"Pretend you are homeless in London or New York. Write a letter to your real self in Uppsala Sweden. You need to compare your life as a homeless person and the real you. Ask yourself the following questions:

- What are the differences?
- Is it different being homeless in London/New York compared to Uppsala?
- If you were homeless, would you rather be homeless in Sweden than in the USA and England? Why?
- What are the differences for someone who is homeless compared to someone who is not?"

Elevens kommentar

Jag borde ha skrivit om varför det finns mer hemlösa människor i London och New York än i Sverige.


"I´m sitting near a doorway right now. I´m sleeping here evary day, but I must change my place each week. It´s freezing cold in the evenings and in the mornings I must hide myself because of the police. I´ve never knew that it is very hard to be homeless since now. However, two months have passed since I became homeless. I have to beg money every day from the people, if I don´t beg money I would starve. When I walk past streets I feel like a freak, a reject from society. No one wants to talk to me or socialize with me, there is no help to get out of this situation I´m in. I walk every day down the street and see people laughing, people having fun and families together having a good time. It´s very hard to see those things when you are in my situation."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Letter | Homeless in London | Engelska

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