Burning magnesium (Mg) | Bränna magnesium | Kemi A

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Labbrapport: Burning magnesium (Mg) | Bränna magnesium | Kemi A

En labbrapport i Kemi A, skriven helt på engelska. I labbrapporten undersöker eleven vad som händer när man bränner magnesium ("burn magnesium - Mg"). Syftet är att få förståelse hur olika ämnen reagerar med varandra.


- Aim
- Hypothesis
- Materials
- Procedure
- Result
- Conclusion


I think that Mg will react with O, creation Mg0. O will ‘take' two electrons from Mg, making them both fulfil the octet rule. Then they form the ions 02- and Mg2+ and the force of attraction makes them create the compound Mg0, magnesium oxide.

o 2 cm Mg
o 1 watch glass
o 1 tong
o 1 burner
o Safety equipment

1. Turn on the burner
2. Place the watch glass next to the burner
3. Hold the end of the Mg with a tong and place it over the flame
4. When the reaction starts to burn, quickly place it over the watch glass.
5. Let the product formed by the chemical reaction fall down on to the watch glass.

X1=Mg and X2= O
When the Mg was heated it glowed for a short amount of time. Then it caught on fire and gave away a bright light when it reacted with oxygen. The product had different physical... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Burning magnesium (Mg) | Bränna magnesium | Kemi A

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