Can You Keep a Secret? | Manuskript

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Can You Keep a Secret? | Manuskript

Det är ett manuskript på engelska inför en muntlig redovisning av Sophie Kinsellas bok "Can You Keep a Secret?" från 2003.


This drama inspired book “Can you keep a secret?” is about a character named Emma Corrigan. Her life appears to be wonderful at first. She lives in the capital of England and retrieves a gainful employment at a famous company called “Panther cola”. She also has a boyfriend that she tries to convince herself she is happy with. However, everything changes when she meets a stranger on a flight home from a business meeting. When the airplane hit high turbulence, she panics and think she is going to die, which leads her to reveal all of her secrets. What she finds out the next day ensures that the handsome stranger seated beside her actually is the American CEO of the company she works for. A romance brews between them and despite their troublesome beginning they gradually initiate a relationship.

The only thing you learn about her appearance prevails that she is a size 12, but this does not really matter since it cannot be related to her personality nor anything else in the book. On the other hand, Emma is a very impulsive person and acts on her emotions. An example of that abides on the airplane where she meets the stranger, who she did not know was her boss, and proclaims all of her secrets. With these secrets she... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Can You Keep a Secret? | Manuskript

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