Dangers of the 24/7 Society | Argumenative text

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Argumenterande text: Dangers of the 24/7 Society | Argumenative text

En argumenterande text på engelska om "24/7 society", där eleven utgår från artikeln "Beware technology, it's turning us off family life" från The Daily Telegraph.


The term “Technostress” is something that I have been hearing very often recently.
My parents are always complaining that I should get off my phone and have a normal conversation with them instead. It was my father who first introduced me to this very interesting word. He had seen a documentary with a very similar theme as the one for this assignment. I have to be honest and say that I find this assignment very interesting since it relates to the society that we currently live in.

I personally believe that this 24/7 society is not good for us. I definitely think that there are some positive effects of it as well, but unfortunately the negative effects outweigh them. One thing that especially bothers me is that people seem to never put down their phones, including myself. For example, when I walk up the stairs to our classroom, the only thing I see is people staring down at their phones instead of having an actual conversation as before. This is something that I personally try to work on. I do my best to ask my friends questions about their life instead of wasting all my breaks on Facebook or Twitter.
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Dangers of the 24/7 Society | Argumenative text

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