Divergent av Veronica Roth | Analysis

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Bokanalys: Divergent av Veronica Roth | Analysis

En bokanalys på engelska av Veronica Roths bok "Divergent" från 2011 där eleven framförallt reflekterar över bokens budskap.


Today's society cannot accept all human beings for being who they are. All people are trying to be a part of group which they doesn't belong to. By contrast the novel by Veronica Roth, Divergent parallels in many ways with the real world. For instance it referring to a child abuse, peer pressure as well as the notion that people are always trying to fit in or are told the way they should be. It's important to people to feel accepted and welcomed into a group. Providing that humans does not have the ability to be able for instance living or thinking by themselves. Today's society can't accept individuals just the way theyare,Furthermore there is always some social order as well as ideals that we people have to follow in order to be accepted into society.

The book Divergent could been seen as exaggerated, for instance its reflects on we humans don't have a choice in our life. The society in the book was described... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Divergent av Veronica Roth | Analysis

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