Does My Head Look Big in This? | Läslogg

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Does My Head Look Big in This? | Läslogg

En läslogg på engelska som handlar om boken "Does My Head Look Big in This" av Randa Abdel-Fattah. Här tas bland annat bokens huvudkaraktär, språkbruk och tema upp.


Reading Log

- Quote about the main character
- Quote about the highpoint of the novel
- Quote about the language of the novel
- Quote about the belief and people
- Quote about the difference between the life and movies
- My views of the novel


Today I'm going to write down five quotes which analyses the main subjects of them. I'm going to begin with the first quote which refers the following “Thats when this warm feeling buzzes through you and you smile to yourself, knowing Gods watching you, knowing that He knows you're trying to be strong to please Him.” (pp. 7) This one describes her thoughts, feelings and especially her own spiritual which is full of trust, faith and hope. These three properties make the person strong enough to handle the biggest trauma of her/his life. As a religious, these properties is the... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Does My Head Look Big in This? | Läslogg

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