Education in the 21st century | Argumentative essay

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Argumenterande text: Education in the 21st century | Argumentative essay

En argumenterande text (argumentative essay) på engelska, som handlar om utbildning i moderna tider (academic knowledge in the 21st century).

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Excellent piece of work which succeeds. Your writing has become increasingly sophisticated this year and this development is extremely pleasing.


Education in the 21st century is often debated about by various experts and teachers. There are many strong opinions about how teachers should teach their subjects, and these opinions actively try to change the way the education system works. Some want education to be more about knowledge, some want it to be more about competencies and skills. I personally believe that education should focus more on academic knowledge.
In the debates that are often had, there's for the most part two main sides. One which wants education to focus on academic knowledge, and the other side wants to focus on competencies and values. The difference between these two ways is that they prepare students for different things. An academic education can lead to students becoming doctors, engineers, and so on, while the other often leads to students being put in the more regular job market. Academic education focuses on the content being taught, while competencies
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Education in the 21st century | Argumentative essay

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