Engelska Text om John Locke - Brev

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Engelska Text om John Locke - Brev

En text i brevform (på engelska) där eleven skriver till filosofen John Locke. I brevet beskriver eleven hur empirisismen har utvecklats med jämförelser av hur den såg ut förr och hur den ser ut idag. Vidare så jämför eleven även rationalism med empirisism.

Lärarens kommentar

Helt okej, bra tänkt med domstolen


"Dear John Locke. I recently read some of your works and how you helped develop the understanding for the empiricists during your time. I completely agree with your theory that innate knowledge is not something you are born with.

Foe example with innate knowledge and your reason is everything you need, why is then so many mistakes that takes place everyday? If you know a big stove is on and it will heat up pretty quickly, so why does plenty of young toddlers get burned? Because they do not know that a hot stove can be very dangerous.

What a rationalist says, your senses cannot be trusted because they can always change, due to an illness or things that can harm your senses. But with experience you can notice the differences if you have experienced when you are healthy or not healthy. That is my opinion

Like John Locke said and I believe on what he said and he said. The mind is literally an empty cabinet or a blank slate or in Latin it means tabula rasa, which means an empty blackboard and he thought the blackboard would get more text with more experience..."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Engelska Text om John Locke - Brev

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