Fast Food | Diskuterande text

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Diskussion: Fast Food | Diskuterande text

En diskuterande text på engelska (discussion) som handlar om snabbmat (fast food). Eleven redogör för de nackdelar som finns med snabbmat och snabbmatsindustrin, bland annat hälsorisker och miljöproblem.


As we know fast food is an easy way to get food very fast and ready to eat. Today it's popular all around the world and there is an explosion of businesses making fast food.
In the United States you can find restaurants in all the streets. McDonald's is one of the most common and popular fast food chains. When we are stressed and very busy we don't always think about what this food actually can do with our bodies. Do we subject our bodies to danger when we eat this kind of food?

With my own words I can admit that I like fast food, like McDonald's and so on. But after I have eaten it I can tell you that I don't feel so good. From my point of view, it's bad and I can't actually see the point of eating fast food. We all know that junk food is bad for us… well you can get it fast but I would say “plan your day so you don't have to feel bad after eating”. I think all of us in this classroom know or have heard that junk food isn't good for us. But here's something extra to scare you... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Fast Food | Diskuterande text

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