Romeo + Juliet | Movie (Film)

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Recension: Romeo + Juliet | Movie (Film)

En enklare recension på engelska av filmen "Romeo + Juliet" (regisserad av Baz Luhrman), som görs genom att eleven svarar på ett antal frågor kring filmens stil, karaktärer, scener, musik och tema. Se alla frågor som besvaras under "Innehåll".


- Romeo & Juliet (Summary of plot)
- What did you think of the combination of modern picture & ancient language?
- Who is your favorite character in the film/movie? Why?
- What is your favorite scene in the film/movie? Why?
- What do you think about the music in the film/movie? Was it suitable for the plot? Explain.
- What do you think of Romeo & Juliet’s actions? Why?
- Do you believe it is possible to find your one true love at the age of 14 - 16? Explain.
- Do you think a tragic love story such as Romeo and Juliet can happen in present time, in Sweden. Explain.


"What is your favorite scene in the film/movie? Why?
My favourite scene in Romeo and Juliet is at the end of the movie. The last scene was very sad but it was also my favourite scene. It was my favourite scene because it was really exciting but also sad. The book is all about Romeo and Juliet. I think that Romeo and Juliet cannot live without each other. When Romeo finds out that Juliet is dead, he became very sad and angry. Romeo did not know that Julia would just be dead in two days and he decided to get into the church where Juliet lay, while the police were after him.

When he came to the bed where Juliet lay he lay down beside her. After a while, he takes the poison who Pastor Laurens gave him. He drank a few drops and after a while he saw that Juliet’s eyes blinked and saw that she was not dead. Romeo and Juliet started to cry and they kissed each other."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Romeo + Juliet | Movie (Film)

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