Future of the English Language | Essay

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Essä: Future of the English Language | Essay

En essä (essay) på engelska, där eleven undersöker hur framtiden ser ut för det engelska språket (the future of the English language). Fokus ligger bland annat på hur många som pratar engelska som modersmål eller andraspråk, hur engelskan påverkas av den ökade andelen personer som pratar engelska som sitt andraspråk samt varför engelskan blivit så vanlig. Vidare så reflekterar eleven över sitt egna bruk av engelska.

Lärarens kommentar

This is a very interesting and well written essay. I think you've done a really good job because you state something and then you give a clear example in order to illustrate what you mean. The intro is clear and informative and you follow up with a nice conclusion. The only thing I would have wanted you to discuss a bit further is: If you today use that much English, and we know that already the Swedish language is highly affected by the English language, what do you think about that? Is it bad? Do you already today see how Swedish is mixed/ruined/ developed thanks to English? So, a little bit more about your personal experience and opinion could have been discussed. But overall, a great job!

Elevens kommentar

Som läraren skriver skulle jag ha skrivit mer om hur det svenska språket påverkas av engelskan för att uppnå betyget A på sista kriteriet.



- Introduction
- Today´s English speaker
- Chinese as the biggest language?
- The English language is changing
- Why has English become so global?
- My daily usage of English
- Conclusion
- Sources (in foot notes)
- Source criticism


Today the majority of all English speakers are non-English natives. The English language is currently dominating media and the Internet. Children in developed countries learn English at an increasingly younger age. So it's easy to say that English no longer belongs to America or the United Kingdom but rather to the world, you could say that English has become the language of the world.

Everything shows that the English language is growing and developing at an enormous rate. So what will be the future of the English language? Who will be the future English speaker and how will the language be different from today?... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Future of the English Language | Essay

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