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Argumenterande text: Grades | Argumentative text

Argumentative text handlar om att man bode ta bort betygen i skolan:

"Grades Should be Abolished".


The current grading system is causing problems in today´s society. The young youth are constantly stressed and worried about an upcoming exam. Not because of how hard the examination may be, but for the sake of a single letter. A single letter that will define your intelligence. A single letter that will decide over your future. A single letter that will crush your self esteem over and over again until you graduate. We can not let a single letter decide over our future.

Here in Sweden we have a curriculum that every teacher has to follow. A collection of lesson that teachers are required to teach by the end of the term. But the greatest lessons we will ever learn do not come from these lectures instead the lectures we will remember will be the ones they can not even recall. Don't walk fast , Don't speak loud , Keep your hands to yourself , Keep your eyes on your own paper and If you do not know the answer, at least try. These are just a few thing that we have learned over the years of being students that we actually can remember. Why? because we encounter these daily. Not once or twice but maybe six or seven times a day. Still we are not graded on this. Instead we are graded on how well we preform on different examinations. An examination on material we most likely will not come across with again. A test can only validate if the student ... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Grades | Argumentative text

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