Heart of Darkness | Bokanalys

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Heart of Darkness | Bokanalys

En bokanalys (book analysis) på engelska på Joseph Conrads kortroman "Heart of Darkness" från 1899. Eleven redogör kort för dess handling och bakgrund, och analyserar sedan romanens huvudkaraktär. Eleven diskuterar även verkets teman och budskap, samt författarens litterära stil och språk.


“Heart of Darkness” is a novel about an introspective sailor, Marlow, who is telling three men about his journey into the hearth of Congo, traveling upstream by steamboat along the Congo River. Marlow had been sent out on a mission by a Belgium company, working with ivory trade to recover their agent Kurtz, who were placed on the Inner Station, the most isolated settlement of the company establishment in Congo.

The novel takes place in 1890, a time in history where colonialism and imperialism is at its peak in Europe, and a time that had huge consequences for Africa, a continent separated into different countries literally by a pen and a ruler. It was during this period of time Joseph Conrad travelled to Africa, and got his inspiration to the book.

Marlow is the protagonist and acts in many ways the traditional... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Heart of Darkness | Bokanalys

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