History of English Literature | Instuderingsfrågor

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History of English Literature | Instuderingsfrågor

Instuderingsfrågor med korta svar, om engelsk litteraturhistoria (history of English literature). Frågorna handlar bland annat om kända författare och verk samt språkbruk och tematik.


1. Why is not Old English comprehensible?
2. Give a short description of Beowulf?
3. About when was Beowulf probably composed and when was it written down?
4. What made the people remember the story of Beowulf?
5. Describe the plot of The Canterbury Tales? Who is the author?
6. What is significant for English Renaissance Literature?
7. In what way did drama change during the 16th and 17th century?
8. In short, who was William Shakespeare?
9. What is the plot in Romeo and Juliet?

10. How is a sonnet rhymed?
11. Why did Shakespeare's plays become so popular?
12. What do you call a play/work based on human suffering?

13. Why is the Restoration period also known as the Age of Reason?
14. What is significant about literature of The Restoration period?
15. What is significant about poetry of The Restoration period?

16. In short, who was Jonathan Swift?

17. To which literature period does Andrew Marvell belong?

18. What great historical event marked the beginning of The Romantic Period?

19. What are the significant styles of Romantic literature?
20. What does The Gothic Novel focus on?

21. In short, who was Edgar Allen Poe?

22. What is the poem The Raven about?

23. Why is it called The Victorian Period?

24. What types of emotions were important to the poets of the period?
25. Describe what “a mirror wandering down a road” implies?

26. In short, who was Alfred Tennyson?

27. In short, who was Charles Dickens?

28. Why did the amount of published novels escalate during the Victorian period?

29. What values did Charles Dickens generally portray in his works?
30. Create a timeline on other side of the paper


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History of English Literature | Instuderingsfrågor

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