HIV Foundation/AIDS Council | Advertisement Analysis

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HIV Foundation/AIDS Council | Advertisement Analysis

En reklamanalys (advertisement analysis) på engelska om en annons från organisationen HIV Foundation/AIDS Council, vars syfte är att uppmärksamma smittoriskerna med HIV och uppmana folk att använda kondom. Eleven diskuterar kort reklamens genomslagskraft och dess genusperspektiv.

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Analysen kunde ha utvidgats.


HIV and Aids is a hot and sensitive issue that's probably not the easiest subject to advertise on. It's a virus and disease that have caused tremendous amounts of tragic deaths all over the world, a disease that homosexuals first were blamed upon, and still are among certain circuits.

How well does this ad refute the theme and which level of efficiency is maintained?
Well. This is an ad by the Hiv-Aids Foundation. Thinking about the foundation's field, the purpose of the ad is most likely to prevent people from catching the virus HIV.
The ad is professionally and genuinely designed to draw attention, one main factor being the two half-naked bodies.
It's also playful and modern as it uses the common location-vector that's seen in
GPS-systems, social media etc. This pretty much guarantees people to wake interest towards the ad, it creates direct recognition and curiosity.

One noticeable difference is the number of sex partners of the two that's presented... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

HIV Foundation/AIDS Council | Advertisement Analysis

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