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Sammanfattning: Home - Toni Morrison | Analys

En sammanfattande analys (analysis) på engelska av romanen "Home" av Toni Morrison från 2012. Här tas bokens handling, karaktärer, berättarteknik och målgrupp upp. Dessutom finns personliga reflektioner kring boken och läsupplevelsen med.


On the surface, we have an Odyssean homecoming story on a less-than-epic scale. Frank Money is a twenty-four-year-old Korean War veteran, traveling home to rescue his sister Cee from an unknown catastrophe. He receives an anonymous letter that says, “Come fast. She is dead if you delay.” In order to save his sister, Frank must visit his Georgian hometown Lotus that he considers “the worst place in the world, worse than any battlefield in Korea.” He remembers from his childhood a black father and son pitted against one another in a creepy fight to the death.
When you think that It couldn't get any worse, Frank had just had a tramatic experience with a young Korean girl whitch didn't work out well and she left him heartbroken, purposeless and emotionally destroyed.
The dramatic structure is pretty complex with many jumps in the time and sometimes it's hard to catch up with the story... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Home - Toni Morrison | Analys

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