Homeless in America | Hemlös i USA

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Fördjupningsarbete: Homeless in America | Hemlös i USA

En länge uppsats på engelska, där eleven redogör för hemlöshet i USA ("homelessness in America"). Fokus ligger bland annat på hur det är att vara hemlös, hur hemlöshet uppstår och vilka åtgärder det finns för att minska hemlösheten.

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Det här var den första uppsatsen jag skrev i Engelska 6 - språket hade kunnat förbättras, samt källhänvisningen som är en aning bristande.


- Introduction
- Homelessness
- The homeless population
- Homeless women
- Homeless African-Americans
- Causes of homelessness
- Individual factors
- Social factors
- Actions against homelessness
- Everyday life of a homeless person
- Conclusion
- References


How do you think it feels when someone has to reach out their hand and beg for your money? How do you think it feels to carry around your home and move from street to street several times a day? How do you think it feels to lie on a cardboard box a dark and cold winter night and feel as forgotten as the recycle bin by your side? And to always have to suffer through your fellow mocking glances. That is basically an average day for a homeless person. Homeless people are often invisible and forgotten to the rest of society; they rely on handouts but are mostly ignored. This is a topic that is rarely discussed in a country like Sweden and even though this topic is brought up sometimes, people seem to forget how offensive it is to be so socially vulnerable. Despite the social laws and the human rights that are constantly in the focus of public debates, one can wonder why this group continues to expand and is still invisible to society in a nation like America. In this report I seek to explain the behavior of homeless people, why they turn out to be homeless and how to prevent homelessness. Homelessness in America will be the main focal point of this report.

Homelessness is a category of people without a permanent home, because they cannot afford one. But being homeless refers to something more than just being house-less, being homeless is a lack of connectedness; not being a part of a family or community. When many... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Homeless in America | Hemlös i USA

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