Homelessness in the US | Hemlöshet i USA | Engelska

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Essä: Homelessness in the US | Hemlöshet i USA | Engelska

En uppsats på engelska om hemlöshet i USA ("Homelessness in the US"). Fokus ligger bland annat på 'SuC', en svensk-amerikansk organisation som har målsättningen att hjälpa hemlösa. Uppsatsen beskriver bland annat varför 'SuC' är verksamma, och hur de arbetar för att förändra hemlösas liv.

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Notera att källor saknas.


- You are probably wondering what I can do about it? And how it will affect the society?
- How will this affect the homeless and the rest of us when there is a community like this?
- In conclusion


Have you ever dreamed of helping other people? We in SuC, standing up for the community are a dream team who wants to help people on the streets. The SuC organization was first founded in Sweden in 2008 and the source is a Swedish-American organization. During 2009 SuC came to the US. Since 2008 SuC have been focused on giving people a second chance in life. Almost 3 000 people who lived on the US streets have today a roof over their heads. What generates and makes SuC move forward is not money but love for one another.

We in SuC believe that many people don't really know what it is to be homeless, or how people get there. Many people hear the word “homeless” and they think of that guy cast in a movie who's kind of skinny, skanky, and stinky and who stands outside a bar begging. However, that´s not homelessness! That's an idea.
Today in Sweden, homelessness is rare and totally different from the United States. Five percent (1 500) of the population is homeless in Sweden while 19,8 percent (2,5 million) is homeless in the US. The... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Homelessness in the US | Hemlöshet i USA | Engelska

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  • 2015-05-27
    Interesting to read and well written

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