Intercultural communication | Essä

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Intercultural communication | Essä

Essä om vad interkulturell kommunikation är för något och varför det är viktigt.


- Definition
- Both a concept and a competence
- Problems with intercultural communication
- References


Intercultural communication – what is it and why is it so important? And what kind of problems can be brought by this cross-cultural dialogue? This essay describes how communication can be a way of sharing information across different groups and cultures, and the process and problems that comes with it.

Intercultural communication takes place all over the world because of contacts within the areas of business, education, mass media, military cooperation, entertainment and tourism. And for these different communications it's important to have a good intercultural understanding, without breakdowns and misunderstanding.
This sort of communication can also appear in big areas where people migrate from different countries to another. In this way migrates and/or expatriates can have a hard time to begin with trying to adapt to the new culture, and the knowledge of intercultural communication here has it importance in the ordinary life. With the intercultural dialogue, people from different cultures and/or countries can communicate, share, give opinions and learn about each other's values, norms, culture and society. With knowledge of intercultural communication, they get to learn and understand each other.
It's important to not think of a culture as a country, and intercultural therefore as international. It does not mean the same although it can refer so the same situation, but it doesn't always apply to have the same meaning. Different countries usually have different cultures, but there is also a lot of cultures that involve more than just one country, and also inside a country can it be different cultures. This essay is therefore not for international communication, even though it has a lot of similarities and sometimes can be.... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Intercultural communication | Essä

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