Judging a book by its cover | Short story (Elevnovell)

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Judging a book by its cover | Short story (Elevnovell)

En elevnovell på engelska om en tjej som mister sina föräldrar i en bilolycka. Nu vill hon hitta personen som var ansvarig för olyckan.

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Blimey!! So much death! I wasn't quite sure where you were going with this, but it's a nice little twist there at the end. There is a lot to cram in here, but you do it well. I still think the police were unbelievably insensitive, but it moves the story along. The language is really solid with just a few verb form/tense errors. Good job.


There's this weird thing I always feel when I go through the halls of the towns hospital. That wakes up the need for me to just get out of there. A sign that I simply hate being in hospitals.
It all started when I, at the age of eight, had to go through thousands of therapy sections because my older brother had passed away right in front of my eyes. A robber had chosen our house that night and while my brother tried resisting giving him our money, he got stabbed. I see that as the worst time of my life since I always, no matter what I did, felt lonely. I had a really tight relationship with my brother since our parents always fought which always resulted in mom getting beaten. Now since my brother is gone, I, no longer, have to go through therapies and my parents somehow solved the problem between them. I still feel... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Judging a book by its cover | Short story (Elevnovell)

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