Jul till nyår i Irland och Sydafrika | Fördjupningsuppgift

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Jul till nyår i Irland och Sydafrika | Fördjupningsuppgift

En fördjupningsuppgift på engelska där eleven skriver om de olika högtiderna som finns mellan jul och nyår i Irland och Sydafrika. Eleven jämför också med hur vi firar i Sverige.


1 Introduction
2 Background
3 Main part
3 3.1 christmas to new years eve
4 Conclusion
5 References


Holidays are a common thing in all countries. Holidays are often for to celebrate different historical happenings that often are connected with religion. There are many hundreds of different celebrated holidays, some many countries have in common and some are special for each country. The purpose of this text is to further investigate the similarities and differences with the common holiday Christmas and the following days after two New Years Eve. I have chosen to compare South Africa and Ireland in this matter.

Christmas is a holiday celebrated annually in many countries in the world, besides South Africa and Ireland is Germany, Spain and Sweden some of them. The holiday is a Christian feast to celebre at the birth of Jesus Christ. The holiday is mostly celebrated on the 25th of December, but in certain countries such as Sweden it is celebrated on the 24th instead. Christmas is a known family-holiday. The Christmas celebration is today a variation of religious and secular traditions and has a lot of differences around the world.

New Years Eve is a traditional feast that is celebrated between the 31th of December and the 1th of December, to welcome the New Year. There is a number of different calendars in different countries but the celebration is allays on a red-letter-day. There are often great festivals that will be going on for days before and after New Year's Eve


Christmas in South Africa is not the typical Christmas a swede would think of. One major difference is that since South Africa is in the Southern ..... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Jul till nyår i Irland och Sydafrika | Fördjupningsuppgift

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