Labbrapport: Water of hydration (kristallvatten)

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Labbrapport: Water of hydration (kristallvatten)

En kort laborationsrapport på engelska, vars syfte är att undersöka kristallvatten ("water of hydration"). Rapporten innehåller introduktion, material & metod, resultat samt diskussion.

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Material & Method


"Material & Method

Crucible + lid
Electronic balance
Copper sulphate
Electrical burner
A few drops of water

1. Weigh a porcelain crucible without the lid. Use the electronic balance. Record the weight as accurately as possible. If you have forgotten how to use the balance, ask the teacher.
2. Fill about half of the crucible with copper sulphate. Avoid lumps.
3. Repeat the weighing procedure.
4. Heat the crucible over an electrical burner. You don´t have to use a fume cupboard.
5. As the water leaves the salt, it becomes colorless. At first you will see a ring at the edge, and then the salt lightens towards the middle of the crucible. When the salt has changed to a grey white color all over the surface, turn off the heat. Put on a crucible lid immediately.
6. Let the crucible cool down so that you can carry it by hand to the balance. (The lid?)
7. Weigh the crucible with its contents but without the lid."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Labbrapport: Water of hydration (kristallvatten)

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