Letter to Hamlet | Brev

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Letter to Hamlet | Brev

Ett brev på engelska till Hamlet där eleven vill ge honom nya perspektiv på livet. Eleven har fått följande uppgiftsformulering av sin lärare:

"One of the most famous monologues are Hamlet's soliloquy in the third act first scene of the play Hamlet. Read the monologue carefully! Then write a response to Hamlet, where you try to convince him that the answer to his initial question of course is - "to be"."

Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Act 3, Scene 1


Dear Hamlet,

My name is X and I'm X years old and live in Sweden, which actually is a country bordering Denmark, so we are not far afield from each other. I am writing this letter to give you some new perspectives of life, and to convince you to think positive and that death do not not solve all of your concerns. Instead of “not to be", as you said earlier, you'll probably find the answer in this letter I am writing to you, whether it is better to be alive or dead. I shall present some different points of view from different perspectives about the meaning of life in general, and why you... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Letter to Hamlet | Brev

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