London | History and Sights | Summary

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Sammanfattning: London | History and Sights | Summary

En sammanfattning på engelska (summary) om den brittiska staden London och dess historia och sevärdheter (history and sights). Eleven berättar om London på ett utförligt och detaljerat sätt med många fakta och ett målande språk.


- London
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There are many things you can do and experiance in London. There are so many places to see and foods to try. Fish and chips is one of the most common things Londoners eat daily and if you're in London then you just have to try it. On the other hand, when it comes to places and things to do while in London, there is a very typical and common thing you do which is to visit The London Eye. You can't go to London and not visit The London Eye, it is an amazing experiance to be able to see the breathtaking view from up there, and it will... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

London | History and Sights | Summary

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