Looking for Alaska | John Green | Book review

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Recension: Looking for Alaska | John Green | Book review

En kort recension ("book review") på engelska, av John Greens bok "Looking for Alaska". Fokus ligger framför allt på bokens handling och tema, samt bokens struktur.


"I´ve read the book Looking for Alaska written by the YA writer John Green from 2005. It´s about Miles who is a fifteen y/o kid who is extremely bright but doesn´t have any friends. He is obsessed about remembering last words and in particular one by Francois Rabelais. ”I go to seek a great perhaps”. So he changes school to a boarding school where his father once went, whereupon he endeavors to find exacly what his Great Perhaps is.

He quickly befriends his roommate Chip, who might be his first best friend, and a girl Alaska Young which is the main character through the whole book and Miles fall in love with. But then again I don´t think that the book was so much about Alaska more that that she was a window to the knowledge of Miles how he see´s life."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Looking for Alaska | John Green | Book review

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