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Filmanalys : Mean Creek | Filmanalys

En filmanalys på engelska av filmen "Mean Creek" av Jacob Aaron Estes från 2004.
Eleven fokuserar på karaktärerna och de psykologiska aspekter från filmen.


The movie ‘'Mean Creek'' really moved me since I have never experienced bullying myself. I've been thinking about it and George, the one that bullied Sam, wasn't actually a bad person. I always believe that there's more behind the person that bullies. It could be that they don't like themselves very much or they feel bad about things in their life. Sam, Sam's brother and Sam's brothers friend tricked George to come with them and celebrate Sam's birthday. The only thing was, that it wasn't Sam's birthday. They had planned to make George run home naked, which was Sam's revenge to George for bullying him. I think Sam shows ‘'Social inlärning'' and my theory about Sam is that he follows his brother's behavior. When Sam does things as his older brother Rocky, Marty notices this and rewards him for behaving well as his brother would do. At least that's the feeling I got while watching the movie. I felt that Marty was the “cool” kid and he recognised Sam's behaviour that was learnt from Rocky. Sam sees Rocky as the ideal.... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Mean Creek | Filmanalys

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