Music therapy | Tal

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Music therapy | Tal

Ett manuskript till ett tal (speech) på engelska om musikterapi (music therapy). Fokus ligger bland annat på framväxten av musikterapi, hur musikterapi fungerar samt varför det fungerar.


- The healing power of music
- Sources
- Feedback


Music is something that everyone in this room can relate to in one way or another, and everyone on the planet. Most of us listen to music on our way to school or work, or in social situations like parties. Some of us even play music our selves. But have you ever thought of music as a tool in therapy? Can music save lives?

Music therapy is a growing phenomena. It all started in the 20th century when musicians started to play for american veterans from the two world wars. According to the American Music therapy Association, there are about 5000 certified music therapists in the United States today. And they expand allt the time. Music therapy is used in everything from... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Music therapy | Tal

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