Normal Family? | Horror Short Story (elevnovell)

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Normal Family? | Horror Short Story (elevnovell)

En kort skräcknovell på engelska (horror short story) som handlar om en dag när dottern i en familj vaknar upp och inser att något är annorlunda, hennes märkliga familj är plötsligt helt normal, eller (normal family?)?

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Utveckla mera och lägg till mera scenarion och inte lika "rushad" text


I woke up by a sound of somebody walking in to the room. But who would walk in to my room at this time of the day? And why do the steps feel lighthearted? I hear my mom's voice whisper “good morning, Allison. The breakfast is ready”. I don't know how to feel about this. I usually wake up by the sound of my mother screaming after my dad hits her. This hasn't happened since I was seven years old…
But filled with joy and a weird feeling I slowly get up and dress myself. On my way downstairs something feels different, the interior looks like I has been switched. It is still the same old paintings of me and my brother on the walls but the aura around feels almost positive. Like everything is okay and our family is actually happy, stabile, normal? I walk into the kitchen and get hit with a shock; my father doesn't sit with his usual basketball... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Normal Family? | Horror Short Story (elevnovell)

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