Novell | The Last Supper | Engelska

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Novell | The Last Supper | Engelska

En kortare elevnovell på engelska med titeln "The Last Supper". Texten är centrerad kring en diskussion mellan far och dotter, som är den sista dem har. Novellen har hämtat inspiration från filmen "Flickan från ovan"


"- Why doesn't Mr. Harvey have any family?

Her long blonde hair was hanging over her shoulders and a coil fell on to her forehead. Her eyes stared absently at what he was doing.

- I don't know Susie, not everyone has and Mr O'Dwyer obviously hasn't. But I think Mr. Harvey once told me he's been married. Why do you ask?

The ship was so perfect, with its sleek hull and the sails made of paper lying torn along its sides like the wings of a dying swan. The image would often come back to him in his dreams, afterwards, and he would wake up screaming, screaming for her.

- He's always staring at me and Clarissa, it's creepy.

- Maybe he's just happy to see two sweet and cheerful girls and maybe he feels sorry that he has none of his own."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Novell | The Last Supper | Engelska

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