Peter Pan | Character analysis (Analys)

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Bokanalys: Peter Pan | Character analysis (Analys)

En karaktärsanalys på engelska av Peter Pan från "Peter Pan and Wendy" av J. M. Barrie från 1911. Aspekterna som eleven tar upp är bland annat utvecklingen av karaktärerna och huvudtemat i boken.


The main character in Peter Pan written by James M. Barrie is Peter. He is a mysterious and creative figure and a very strong character that evolves along the story.

In the beginning of the book he seems to be a very sloppy, ignorant, careless and controlling type of person. A good example of his sloppiness is when he found his lost shadow but forgot that he had closed fairy Tinker Bell in the drawer. “`I do believe I shut her up in the drawer! ` He let poor Tink out of the drawer, and she flew about the nursery screaming with fury.“ (Chapter 3 Come away, come away!

Another example showing his lack of behavior is when Wendy helped Peter stuck his shadow when he himself failed to attach it. When Wendy was done Peter started to jump around of joy, but he didn`t give a single thanks to Wendy. He was disrespectful to her and praises himself for the work with the shadow: “`How clear I am!` he crowed rapturously, `oh, the... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Peter Pan | Character analysis (Analys)

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