Pharmacogenomics | Farmakogenetik | Fördjupningsuppgift | Biologi

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Pharmacogenomics | Farmakogenetik | Fördjupningsuppgift | Biologi

Den här fördjupningsuppgiften undersöker farmakogenetik på djupet. Fördjupningsuppgiften förklarar farmakogenetikens syfte, hur det fungerar samt dess för- och nackdelar. Dessutom berättas här om användningsområden nu och i framtiden, och eleven delar med sig av sin egen åsikt kring ämnet.

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How is it done
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Pharmacogenomics is about how different persons react against different drugs ¬ we can call it a “personalized medicine”. The name comes from the science of human genome that is called genomics combined with the study of how drugs work, called pharmacology. Throughout medical history so far, people have always received the same amount of drugs, the idea has always been that “one size fits all”, but people respond different to all medicines. For some people it works and they get cured but for some people the medicine won't work at all or just causing more damage. DNA is in the genes and that is what determines how we look and other personal features. The DNA is made out of nucleotides or 4 bases but every person has a unique sequence of DNA. Because of our genetic makeup and DNA, all people´s bodies will have various effects on drugs. While some people the normal standard dose will work fine, for some people it can cause unnecessary side effects that can be avoided. The study will help determine the response according to the DNA. But it´s not only the dose that we will be able to make personal, there are different ways of treating diseases like cancer, HIV, depression and cardiovascular disease and with pharmacogenomics we could find out the best way for every single person. Age, diet, environment are factors that can have an impact, but the genetic makeup is one of the most important thing that controls how... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Pharmacogenomics | Farmakogenetik | Fördjupningsuppgift | Biologi

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