Podcast on Democracy

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Inlämningsuppgift: Podcast on Democracy

Det här är ett manus till en podcast om positiva och negativa sidor med demokratin ur olika perspektiv.

a) Introduce yourself and the topic
b) Present arguments for and against
c) Conclude by summarizing your previous arguments.
State your opinion if you have not already done so.
Try to say what you think will happen to the current political system in the future.
You could also talk about what you would do.


Hi my name is Dania and I'm a 17 year old girl.
I'm passionated about many things.
One thing I'm really passionated about is democracy, im a girl who want to make a change in the world, a girl with a lot of ideas and thoughts.
But in order for me to make the right decision, I have to consider both the pros and cons in democracy and by that make a decision in whether I'm for or against democracy.
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Podcast on Democracy

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