Saga i Bröderna Grimms format | Engelska 5

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Elevnovell: Saga i Bröderna Grimms format | Engelska 5

En saga skriven i kursen Engelska 5, utifrån Bröderna Grimms sagoformat. Sagan har titeln "Bartholomew and the Wicked Witch" och handlar om pojken Bartholomew som stöter på problem då han möter en häxa och tackar ja till mat från henne.


A very long time ago, so long ago that all the trees were still young and the earth was yet untouched by the pollution of man, there was a little boy who ran by the name of Bartholomew Ryder. Bartholomew had been an orphan ever since his mother died whilst saving him from a fire in their house. When she had died in the flames, no one else was there to take care of little Bartholomew and so he had to take care of himself.
One day when Bartholomew was walking swiftly down the street he noticed an odd store, or at least that was what he thought it was. He walked in and noticed many magical looking items. Amongst of which he saw a rat who was reading a book, a peculiar parrot who repeated the words “go now and you and you will be safe” and a plant which seemed to have eyes, ears and mouth. Bartholomew kept on walking into to the building despite of the oddities surrounding it. Bartholomew walked until he saw what seemed to be the end of it. There he was greeted by an old lady. She had a long nose and ... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Saga i Bröderna Grimms format | Engelska 5

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