Speech about Globalization | Globalisering

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Presentation: Speech about Globalization | Globalisering

En nedskriven version av en presentation som eleven hållit på engelska kring globalisering. Fokus ligger bland annat på vad globalisering är och innebär, vart i världen globalisering är som tydligast samt hur globalisering påverkar arbetsmarknaden. Notera att källor saknas.


- Presentation
- Globalisation as a concept
- Countries where globalisation is most visible
- How globalization affects the labour market
- Conclusion


Globalisation means in outlines that the world is getting smaller not literally meant, but meant in that way that firms move or outsource to other countries and people relocate to other countries. So maybe you are in China, and still have the opportunity to go into a Danish store or into a Danish fabric, maybe you are in Spain and you can live next door to Danish emigrants.

Globalisation also makes us more multi cultural. We wear clothes from for example Gucci. But Gucci is from Italy. Many people around the world know this brand and therefore we dress more and more the same. Years ago we could go to a country like India and they would be years back in the fashion industry. – Now they dress almost the same as people in Spain or Italy, mostly because of international brands “breakthrough” like, as I said earlier, Gucci, but also brands like Prada, Lacoste and other are very common known in most parts of the world... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Speech about Globalization | Globalisering

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