The American Dream | Fördjupningsarbete

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The American Dream | Fördjupningsarbete

Ett fördjupningsarbete som handlar om den amerikanska drömmen. Eleven svarar på frågor som vad det egentligen är för något, hur den uppstod och hur synen har förändrats genom historien.


• What is the American dream?
• How has the American dream evolved throughout history?
• What is the state of the American dream in the United States today?


Introduction and purpose 1
Questions 1
Material and method 1
What is the American dream? 2
How has the American dream evolved throughout history? 2
The American Revolution (18 century) 2
Frontier Life (19th century) 3
The California Dream 3
The Great Depression (20th century) 4
Post WWII & The Civil Rights Movement 4
What is the state of the American dream in today's U.S? 4
Interpreting Freedoms: The American dream in U.S. Politics 5
The Key To Mobility 5
Conclusion 6
List of References 9



This paper discusses what the American dream is. According to the ideal the American dream presents, this is the opportunity for one's children to grow up in a society without any socioeconomic barriers, such as class, religion, race, or ethnicity, to keep them from having equal opportunity to pursue their dreams. This essay shows that America doesn't quite live up to this ideal today, but also raises questions of how we got to where we are today by looking into the past and analyzing the self-image of Americans and the actual picture we see today, as well as investigate why it matters and what it means to the American people.

Introduction and purpose:

Have you ever heard of “The American Dream”? Whether you live inside or outside the United States, chances are that you have. It's frequently mentioned in the media, almost as a catchphrase but what is the American dream really? The simple answer is, it's an ideal, for every American to have equal opportunity to live their dreams, in a nation where people are free and life is full for everyone. If you pay attention in the media, you're likely to also be aware of the wealth gap between the rich and the poor currently in the United States.

Politicians make claims about restoring and reclaiming the dream daily, it's in newspaper articles and manifestos, all speculating what this great inequality really means for the nations identity. So we know that there is inequality, but what about the equal opportunity to get ahead the American dream promises? Does the American dreams' promise of socioeconomic mobility truly represent the reality of America today?... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The American Dream | Fördjupningsarbete

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