The Black Cat | Edgar Allan Poe | Frågor och svar

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The Black Cat | Edgar Allan Poe | Frågor och svar

Frågor och svar på engelska som relaterar till handlingen och karaktärerna i Edgar Allen Poes skräcknovell "The Black Cat" från 1843.


“The Black Cat” by Edgar Allen Poe

1. Did you find the story you read shocking or disturbing in any way? Explain why / why not.
2. What is all that remains after the fire in the house, and how does it make the man feel?
3. In what way are the two cats alike?
4. What drives the man to want to kill his second cat?
5. Why does the man kill his wife? Explain what happens.
6. Does the man feel remorse? How can you tell?
7. What signs show you that the man was calm and collected during the policemen's search?
8. Why doesn't he just let the police go after they have completed their search?
9. ”Of my own thoughts it is folly to speak.” (page 20, line 13) Why does the man say this?
10. What is found behind the wall, and how is it described?
11. What tells you that the man is not only a cruel, violent drunkard, but also a madman?


The cat has driven the man crazy. The man became scared of the cat. The narrator was deceived by his new cat – it was like the cat controlled the narrators mind. One day he noticed that the white area on the cats breast has changed – it looked exactly like a gallows. That caused the frighten man nightmares which lastly drove him to insanity. The second cat also reminded the man about his first cat, Pluto. Which caused him an extremely guilty conscience and sorrow. Finally, he could not stand it anymore. One day when the intolerant man and his... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Black Cat | Edgar Allan Poe | Frågor och svar

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