The Fault in Our Stars - Film and Book | Jämförelse

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The Fault in Our Stars - Film and Book | Jämförelse

En jämförelse (comparison) på engelska av boken "The Fault in Our Stars" av John Green och dess filmatisering med samma namn, regisserad av Josh Boone. Eleven redogör först för handlingen och karaktärerna, och diskuterar sedan vilka likheter och skillnader boken och filmen har.


Pain. We most frequently refer to it as an unpleasant sensation, but pain is also an emotional experience. Life is full of pain, all types of pain and how we experience it varies from one person to another. It is the capability to feel pain that makes us human. Without pain and suffering we would not know what joy is. The author John Greene wrote in his book The Fault in Our Stars that “pain demands to be felt”(Green 2012, p. 63).

The Fault in Our Stars is the story of Hazel Grace, a 16-year-old girl with terminal lung cancer. Her condition has stabilised due to her participation in the study of a new drug. In order to stay alive she must wheel a portable oxygen tank with her, wherever she goes. Her lungs are in a bad shape and the oxygen tank helps her as a supplement to her regular breathing. Hazel goes into a depression, something that often comes with lethal diseases. She tends to stay inside, either reading her favourite book An Imperial Affliction or watching TV. She does not want to communicate with anyone, for her fear of hurting people if or when she passes away. Her mother forces her to attend a support group for cancer patients. There, she meets Augustus Waters. Augustus (Gus) is a handsome, rather entrancing, teenager who a few years previous to this lost his right leg to cancer. He is a former basketball star. Today he walks around with... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Fault in Our Stars - Film and Book | Jämförelse

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